The Difference Between Polarized and Unpolarized Sunglasses

August 02,2022

Polarized sunglasses are a type of sunglasses. There are three types of polarized light, namely linear polarized light, elliptical polarized light and circular polarized light. Generally, the so-called polarized light refers to linearly polarized light, also known as plane polarized light. The vibration of this light wave is fixed along a specific direction, the propagation route in space is a sine curve, and the projection on the plane perpendicular to the propagation direction is a straight line.


The benefits of wearing sunglasses when it's snowing

July 18,2022

Wearing sunglasses in winter skiing is not only for good looks, but more importantly, to cover the eyes. Especially sunlight reflecting through water, snow or wet pathways can make it hard to keep your eyes open in the snow. So try to wear polarized sunglasses when skiing. Also available as photochromic lenses with polarized properties, photochromic lenses provide you with ideal visual acuity, visual comfort and excellent UV and glare protection, automatically responding to changing lighting conditions: from transparent colors indoors to black in the sun, and sunlight in the sun outdoors.


What Should the Elderly Wear Sunglasses Pay Attention to?

July 05,2022

When the sun is hot, the elderly can wear sunglasses, especially when going out in summer. Sunglasses have a good protective effect on the eyes. Excessive UV exposure in sunlight can accelerate the occurrence and development of senile cataracts and age-related macular degeneration. Wearing sunglasses can block the ultraviolet rays in the sun and protect the eyes. So what should the elderly pay attention to when wearing sunglasses?


Why Do You Need Sunglasses On Rainy Days?

June 17,2022

As we all know, the sun is dazzling in summer. Many drivers choose to wear sunglasses when driving to avoid affecting normal driving. However, many drivers wear sunglasses even in rainy days. Why?


Difference of Solar Lens Materials

June 06,2022

The optical performance of glass is the best of all materials, but due to its heavy weight and fragile shortcomings, it is gradually used less and less.


Why Do Blind People Often Wear Sunglasses

May 20,2022

Blind people belong to the group of people with disabilities and also belong to the partially sighted group in the society. For themselves, they are the only ones who can appreciate the pain and inconvenience they have to endure in their lives.


Main Types of Sunglasses

May 06,2022

According to different lenses, sunglasses are mainly divided into polarized sunglasses, painted sunglasses, color sunglasses, anti reflective protective sunglasses and clip sunglasses.


Is It Suitable to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

April 18,2022

Wear sunglasses in winter to protect from the wind. The wind in winter is very cold, and wearing sunglasses can also prevent the cold wind from irritating the eyes. Especially when riding a bicycle or motorcycle, the cold wind is particularly strong, choose the one with a large camber, which can hug the eyes, and can fit well on the face, so it is very comfortable to wear. If there is wind and sand , It can also effectively prevent wind and sand from entering the eyes.


Sunglasses Buying Strategy

April 06,2022

Now, have you learned how to choose a pair of sunglasses for yourself and your family? Moreover, you'd better buy sunglasses from a reputable manufacturer.


The Development of Sunglasses

March 21,2022

In the mid-19th century, the first true sunglasses were born in the West. Although the technology at that time was far less developed than it is now, the lenses were usually made of colored amber or mica that can be collected in nature, and the frame was quite heavy, but its appearance was still loved by professionals.