Are Acetate Frames Worth Buying?

January 05,2022

Recently, a new type of acetate frame is very popular. What are the advantages of acetate frames? Is it worth your purchase?


What is cellulose acetate?


Cellulose acetate is a thermoplastic resin obtained by esterification under the action of a catalyst. It is the first cellulose organic acid ester to be commercially produced and continuously developed among cellulose derivatives.


Scientists first developed this fiber in 1865, and it was one of the first synthetic fibers. After years of research, until 1940, cellulose acetate became one of the most critical raw materials in the production of spectacle frames.


The Uniqueness of Acetate Frames

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The production of acetate frames can achieve various colors and patterns.


The layering of acetate fibers brings varying degrees of transparency and patterns to the spectacle frame. Then this beautiful design makes acetate sheet glasses a more ideal choice than ordinary plastic spectacle frames.


Advantages of acetate spectacle frames


✔️ Light and comfortable


As one of the daily necessities, the lightweight acetate frame will not bring a heavy burden to the bridge of the nose.


✔️ Durability


This is the key factor that makes acetate eye frames stand out from traditional plastics or other materials. Acetate frames are made by cutting, molding, and polishing multiple pieces of material, which makes them as strong as metal. It is ideal for spectacle frames.


✔️ Rich design


If the spectacle frame does not have any design or color, would you choose it? The design of cellulose acetate spectacle frames is fashionable first.


Finally, after reading the above introduction about acetate frames, are you ready to buy one? If you need a reliable acetate frames supplier, Guan's Popeyewear Company will be your best choice.