Are Polaroid Clip Ons Sunglasses Useful?

June 09,2021

Polaroid is the creator and one of the leaders in polarized lens technology. Polaroid's clip-on glasses also perfectly embodies its value.The polaroid clip ons is such a sunglasses specially prepared for frame glasses. It only needs to clip the clip on the original glasses, and the nearsighted glasses can instantly become sunglasses.


clip-on sunglasses


Clip-on sunglasses


Like frequent hues, clip-on sunglasses guard your eyes from UV rays.


Clip-on sunglasses can be found in numerous window tints, sizes and shapes, and along with different degrees of UV defense as well as special layers. However, as opposed to full structures, the two dark lens, which are concatenated by a link for your nostrils, attach to your normal prescribed spectacles along with clips or even magnets.


Are clip-on sunglasses useful?


Yes, clip-ons operate just like well as "real" sunglasses, provided that they accommodate properly-- i.e., they possess the very same or even similar size and shape as your normal glasses-- and also deliver UV protection for your eyes-- if possible the optimum UV 400.


3 forms of clip-on sunglasses lens


Magnetic clip-ons, that possess virtually no clips in all


Magnetic clip-ons tend to be the a lot more sophisticated alternative for when you like your glasses framework and intend to use it basic. These high-end clip-ons are the best prescription snap-on glasses you may buy, offering this group a whole brand new credibility and reputation.


Specification clip-on sunglasses (which you are likely acquainted with)

Rather economical, however plastic ones may be flimsy. If you will certainly select the conventional type of clip on lenses, fortunately is they can be rather low-cost as well as a terrific option if you often usually tend to crack your glasses frames and accessories. You need an economical alternative, right? Well, the truth is that a lot of clip-on spectacles add-ons crack pretty effortless. That's certainly not because of inadequate care, but because they are actually normally constructed from less costly products. Because of this, they don't deliver such high-quality defense for your eyes either.


Flip-ups, that may stay on your lenses as well as just flip back and forth when you require all of them.


IDEA: Vint & York's compilation of magnetic clip on sunglasses are actually constructed from illumination and heavy duty metallic! If you're searching for a pleasant way to wear your eyeglasses along with clip-on sunglasses, this is actually a great means to go.


Insurance coverage. With regular clip-ons, another significant disadvantage is insurance coverage. Due to the fact that prescription spectacles have a tendency to become smaller sized than sunglasses frames, your eyes are actually still subjected to UV rays. You are merely receiving insurance coverage coming from the face instead of the top, bottom as well as sides.They also tend to cause a poor glare in between the clip-on and lens which can easily commonly reduce their purpose.


Clip-ons are actually budget-friendly even with being actually quite vulnerable as well as vulnerable to damaging. You can easily replace them over and over again, and so long as they do not damage your real glasses, the price should not top a lot of. Both clip-ons and flip-ups have a tendency to become very lightweight and also require consistent hands.


Polaroid clip-ons features


Impact resistance

The unique POLAROID Polaroid PTX4000 lens can effectively resist high-speed impact and protect the eyes and eye area;


Eliminate glare

High-quality Polaroid Polaroid sunglasses can effectively block glare, improve visual effect and sharpness;


Prevent ultraviolet rays

POLAROID Polaroid polarized lenses can not only effectively eliminate glare, but also 100% of harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, and ultraviolet rays. They are in full compliance with the highest Australian standards and eliminate ultraviolet rays below 400nm;


The color is more natural and clearer

Using the latest high-tech PTX4000 polarized lenses, made with a unique high-gloss bending production process, making the colors clearer and more natural;


Improve visual fatigue

The high-light bending technology provides excellent optical performance and polarizing effect during the bending process of the lens, which can provide good optical performance, so that the wearer's eyes and mood are extremely relaxed, and visual fatigue is improved.


Clip on are more useful,you can wear the clip-on only when you need it.


Polarized Clip On Sunglasses RY1028

polaroid clip ons


$ 5.00 ~ $ 6.00/piece

Min. Order: 12 pieces


Polaroid Clip Ons RY1020

polaroid clip ons


$ 5.00 ~ $ 6.00/piece

Min. Order: 12 pieces


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