Difference of Solar Lens Materials

June 06,2022

The optical performance of glass is the best of all materials, but due to its heavy weight and fragile shortcomings, it is gradually used less and less.




Resin lens is one of the most widely used lens materials. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance and strong impact resistance. When used in sunglasses, the biggest feature of resin lens is its strong coloring performance.


In addition to these two widely used lens materials, there are also nylon, PC, TAC and other materials.


Nylon lens has high elasticity and professional protection function. The sunglasses made by it are mostly used by sports people and professional protection people.


Although PC chips have strong impact resistance and are not easy to be damaged by falling, their optical properties are very unstable.


TAC material has been abandoned by many international famous brands due to its poor wear resistance, unstable optical performance and other shortcomings.


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