How to fix broken acetate glasses frame without glue?

March 22,2021

In the previous article about acetate sunglasses, the benefits of this material were mentioned, such as not easy to deform after wearing, and strong fusion with the lens. This article is about acetate glasses frames. In this article, you can learn a product that helps you stick it back, scroll down to get the answer.


glasses frame is broken


Those who pursue fashion nowadays, one of their glasses accessories must be clear acetate glasses. According to personal style, clear acetate glasses frames can give a person a cold personality or a sense of gentleness. Just when you are arranging a reasonable outfit for your day's trip, the acetate frame is broken. This is very embarrassing. You have to change the outfit, or even the entire outfit. But if you can stick it back, you can still use it later.


clear acetate glasses frames


The acetate frame is broken, what should I use to stick it back?

The tape must be eliminated first, because the traces are very obvious. So the answer that everyone thinks of may be glue, actuallt, this is wrong, because the premise that glue can stick to things is almost all ABS, PVC, PS, PC and other materials. Most of the glued areas are relatively large or slender, but the breakpoints of the glasses are the opposite. The materials of the glasses are not sticky with glue, so using glue to repair the glasses will not only fail to repair (even if it is emergency), it will also make subsequent professional repairs more difficult. And affect the repair effect (aesthetic level, strength level). You can use solvents such as acetone.





(only for reference)


Acetone (CH3COCH3), also known as dimethyl ketone, is the simplest saturated ketone. It is a colorless transparent liquid with a special pungent odor. It is easily soluble in water and organic solvents such as methanol, ethanol, ether, chloroform and pyridine. It is flammable and volatile, and its chemical properties are more active. At present, the industrial production of acetone in the world is dominated by the cumene method.


Acetone is mainly used as a solvent in industries such as explosives, plastics, rubber, fiber, leather, grease, spray paint, etc., and can also be used as a synthetic ketene, acetic anhydride, iodoform, polyisoprene rubber, and methacrylic acid. An important raw material for methyl ester, chloroform, epoxy resin and other substances.


Cellulose acetate refers to a thermoplastic resin obtained by esterification with acetic acid as a solvent and acetic anhydride as an acetylating agent under the action of a catalyst. It is the earliest commercialized production of cellulose derivatives and the continuous development of cellulose organic acid esters. As a porous membrane material, cellulose acetate has the characteristics of high selectivity, large water permeability, and simple processing.


Fix them by Acetone( Watch the video)


How to buy?

You can buy it at a chemical reagent store, they are available, and the general capacity is 500cc/bottle.


How to stick?

It's very simple. You need a cotton swab. Dip it on the two cross-sections to bond it.


Using acetone can help your clear acetate glasses frame to be glued back, simple and convenient, which can help your next trip smooth. Of course, owning different colors of clear acetate glasses frames is wise for a fashional guy or girl, welcome to contact us with free quote. 


clear acetate glasses frames


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