How to replace the nose pads of mazzucchelli eyewear

June 05,2021

I know, my eyes are near-sighted about 500 degrees. After wearing glasses for a long time, my nose pads seem to be very tired and even have the characteristics of strikes. If the mazzucchelli eyewear are worn for a long time, the nose pads will appear yellow, green or broken.


Although the nose pads are small, if they are broken, the glasses will be very uncomfortable to wear. The following methods are not only suitable for mazzucchelli eyewear, they are all available.


There are two types of nose pads, one is the fixed type, that is, the non-metallic bonding type; the other is the stipule movable type.


Mazzucchelli eyewear


Mazzucchelli eyewear from Italy


Mazzucchelli 1849, an Italian Company based in Castiglione Olona, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of sheets made of Cellulose Acetate, polymer of natural origin, traditionally used in the production of optical and sunglass frames.


The role of nose pads


Nose pads are the supporting parts of the glasses frame on the bridge of the nose. Wearers of glasses often have minor problems such as aging, discoloration, and defects of the nose pads. The glasses will often slide down. Not only do they often need to adjust the glasses by hand, but also during exercise. It is very distressing, and the glasses will still fall off; it brings a lot of distress to life and work. Generally we can go to the optical shop for replacement services, but sometimes it is not convenient to go to the optical shop for services, learn to do it yourself It will be more convenient and quicker, let's share how to replace the new nose pads for the glasses frame. To maintain the comfort of the glasses, they are usually replaced once a year.


nose pads of Mazzucchelli eyewear


Tools and materials


New nose pads, nose pad pliers, glasses cloth, glasses screwdriver,




Wrap the lens on the side of the screw to be twisted with glasses cloth.


Use a glasses screwdriver to twist the screws and nose pad pliers to fix it. The lens cloth is to prevent the lens from slipping off and scratching the lens during the process of twisting the screw. Therefore, the lens cloth can protect the glasses lens and prevent the lens screwdriver from damaging the lens during the operation. This detail must be paid attention to. In addition, nose pad clamp is a very important fixing tool, combined with nose pad screwdriver operation.


Replace video for your reference



What to do if the nose pads of the eyewear are broken


If you have extra nose pads at home, you can follow the above-mentioned methods. Generally, when you match glasses or buy glasses online, the seller will give you nose pads and tools, but physical stores generally don't give away tools.


The second method is to go to the optical shop to replace it. It is best to go to the original place of purchase, of course, other optical shops are also possible, they generally will not charge you.


What is the green dirt on the nose pads?


The metal core of the nose pads of eyewear is generally made of copper. After being worn for a long time, human sweat will corrode and chemically react to rust, that is, copper rust, which is green and dirty. Of course there may be some nickel compounds in it.


Is there any harm to green dirt?


First of all, the patina appears to affect the appearance and looks very dirty. Secondly, pure patina contains bacteria, which has an impact on the skin, but it is not harmful; if it contains other substances, it is not necessarily true. The middle and high-end glasses will be made of alloy materials that do not exceed the lead and nickel standards, and the low-end products are cheap. It may contain environmentally friendly alloys, which will be harmful to the human body.


mazzucchelli eyewear frame


How to remove the green dirt on the nose pads of glasses


  1. Unscrew the small screws and wipe them carefully with a soft paper towel;
  2. It can also be wiped with 75% medical alcohol;
  3. Net transmission can be scrubbed with white vinegar, and it can be treated with acid or alkaline substances, and then the green will appear faster and more; 4. It is good to go to the optical shop regularly for professional care. Optical shops can use ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning, generally free of charge. Be sure to tighten all the screws again after ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic vibration will loosen the screws;
  4. Go directly to the optical shop for a nose pad, which is generally free;
  5. After washing it, apply some oily substance (such as nail polish) to protect it to prevent patina from reappearing.


The glasses have been worn for a long time, for example, more than 3 years. If the lenses are not worn out, the frame can be replaced.


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