It's Time to Change Your Glasses

October 30,2020

Normally, the wearing period of a pair of glasses is 2 to 3 years, if your glasses have a symptom of these following state. Usually, you may only want to change your optical frame.

optical frame

1. The spectacle lens becomes yellow 

This indicating that the lens has been aging, and the various parameters of the lens are likely to have changed. Therefore, the lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible. You can reserve your own optical frame if your frame is still in the good condition.

2. The lens film has fallen off

The lens film has fallen off and usually, it can not be repaired. If the fall-off position has affected the normal visual field and comfort, it is recommended to replace it immediately. 

3. The paint of the frame is peeling off

If the paint of your optical frame is peeled off, it will affect the appearance. Secondly, if it is made of alloy copper, it will rust and green, and the patina is poisonous and will corrode the skin. Please consider whether it needs to be replaced as appropriate. 

4. If the optical frame is deformed and cannot be restored

It is recommended to replace it immediately. What's more, besides replacing the frame, be sure to change the spectacle lens together, otherwise, the optical center of the lens will change, which will easily cause discomfort in wearing. 

5. The degree of glasses can no longer match your vision. 

If the glasses are worn for a long time or your eye vision continues to changes, it means that your glasses can not match your vision anymore. When the current glasses are not clear enough, it is recommended to replace the glasses or the mirror frame. Consider replacing the spectacle lens or your frame separately. If the above situation occurs, the glasses need to be replaced immediately. In addition, the spectacle lens for myopia needs to be more cautious. 
In adolescence, the body gradually develops, the youth are under the great pressure of study. At this time, people who wear glasses need to be reviewed every year or even every month. If their vision changes, their spectacle lens, and optical frame should be replaced in time. If the degree of change exceeds 50, glasses need to be replaced. Adult myopia patients are best to review their vision every once a year and consider changing glasses according to their actual situation.
optical frame