Main Types of Sunglasses

May 06,2022

According to different lenses, sunglasses are mainly divided into polarized sunglasses, painted sunglasses, color sunglasses, anti-reflective protective sunglasses, and clip sunglasses.




The use functions of different lenses are also different. For example, polarized sunglasses are mainly used to reflect or filter ultraviolet, glare and blue light, so that you can have a clearer field of vision; Color-changing Sunglasses add silver chloride or silver halide to the lens so that the originally colorless lens becomes colored when exposed to strong light.


General Sunglasses only use the function of reducing light, which can only reduce the intensity of glare and ultraviolet light and can not completely block these harmful light, so their function is to reduce eye damage.


A polarizing lens can completely block the dazzling glare caused by scattering, refraction, reflection, and other factors because of its polarizing nature. At the same time, it can also completely block the ultraviolet light harmful to human eyes, so that when people move under strong light for a long time, their eyes are not easy to get tired, achieve the function of real protection, and make the things they see clearer and three-dimensional.


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