Round Polarized Metal Sunglasses vs. Square Acetate Sunglasses

August 18,2021

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Sunglasses have always been a necessary accessory for fashion people and a necessary tool for women and men to take photos in summer. A pair of professional sunglasses can not only block the strong sunlight, but also protect our eyes and reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays. Sunglasses are not only necessary for summer.

When we are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, it will not only be very harmful to our eyes, but also accelerate the aging and prohibited aging of the skin around our eyes. At this time, we need a pair of beautiful sunglasses that can prevent sunburn, but everyone's face is different. How should we choose suitable sunglasses?


Who are not suitable to wear round or square polarized acetate sunglasses?

If people with round face wears round acetate sunglasses, it will make the face look more round, while people with square face is not suitable for wearing oversized square polarized acetate sunglasses. In this article, designers from Wenzhou Guan's Popeyewear Co.,Ltd. will take you to crack the secret of choosing different shape frames according to different face shapes.


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Round polarized Metal Sunglasses wholesale



1. How do people with round faces choose acetate sunglasses?


Round face is what people usually call baby face. Because the lines of the face are round, people who look round give people a strong affinity. Round faced people must avoid some minefields when choosing sunglasses, otherwise sunglasses will not only fail to meet their matching needs and expected effects, but also expose their shortcomings.

For this face, you should choose a dark square frame, which can change the face shape. You should avoid choosing round sunglasses, which will make your face look fatter. In terms of color, we need to avoid choosing some too bold colors, such as bright colors, such as red. Bright colors will have a visual expansion effect and make the round face look fatter.


2. How do people with square faces choose acetate sunglasses?

What shape frame will square faced people choose to develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses? Square cheekbones, mandibular angle, short chin and clear outline are the characteristics of a square face. Square face is very picky about sunglasses. When choosing sunglasses, you must avoid making choices because of preferences. Never choose sunglasses that are not suitable for you. The fact may be contrary to your imagination.

The square face should be conservative when choosing sunglasses. You can choose a medium radius frame to make your face look softer, or choose a narrow and long Pilot Sunglasses. Sunglasses must be wider than your face, so that you can visually shorten the length of your face and make your face look more delicate.

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polarized square acetate sunglasses


>>Travel with acetate sunglasses

Wear a pair of cool sunglasses, carry a beach bag (you can wholesale 65L Mountain bag from TPU beach tote bag supplier or compartment shoe beach bag supplier ) and go to the beach to catch up with the passing summer.


Autumn is coming. In early autumn days, why not plan a mountaineering trip with several friends. Carry a colorful floral lightweight cane or maybe you like palm handle carbon folding Walking Cane and custom carbon travel folding cane.  Walking cane and acetate sunglasses are perfect match for a hiking 🌄.

Where can you wholesale custom acetate sunglasses?


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