Sunglasses Buying Strategy

April 06,2022

In the hot summer, sunglasses have gradually become a must-have for eye protection in modern public outdoor activities. It is both the accessory we need most in summer and a shield to protect our eyes from UV rays.


In addition to effectively filtering ultraviolet rays from the sun, sunglasses also have the effect of delaying aging. Sunglasses can protect the skin around the eyes from sunburn and prevent melanin pigmentation. However, in the face of all kinds of sunglasses on the market, how should we choose?


How to Buy Sunglasses

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First of all, we should consider that the selected sunglasses meet the basic requirements of reducing strong light stimulation and UV protection. Furthermore, different optical effects will have different protective effects. We should make specific choices according to the different scenarios used and actual needs.


  • Tinted lenses


Brown color: soft color. It is suitable for driving in dusty, foggy weather.


Grey tones: It is suitable for driving and outdoor outings.


Green series: It is suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue, and can be used indoors and outdoors


Mercury: It is suitable for people who like outdoor activities, such as outdoor sports, mountain climbing, etc.


Blue series: not recommended for daily use, can be used for beach exposure bathing


Yellow: It provides more accurate vision and is suitable for night operations.


  • Polarized lens


These sunglasses can filter out the dazzling glare caused by various factors, thereby blocking ultraviolet rays and improving visual quality. Polarized lenses are ideal for driving and outdoor activities.


  • Photosensitive lens


When exposed to strong light, the colorless lens will become tinted. So it is suitable for those who need to wear glasses all the time indoors and outdoors.


At Last


Now, have you learned how to choose a pair of sunglasses for yourself and your family? Moreover, you'd better buy sunglasses from a reputable manufacturer.