Why Do You Need Sunglasses On Rainy Days?

June 17,2022

As we all know, the sun is dazzling in summer. Many drivers choose to wear sunglasses when driving to avoid affecting normal driving. However, many drivers wear sunglasses even in rainy days. Why?


Why do you need sunglasses on rainy days?




✔️Rain scatters light


When it rains, when the rain falls on the front windshield, according to the optical principle, scattering will occur, and a vast expanse of white will be seen, causing the driver to be unable to see clearly. Therefore, driving with polarizers on rainy days can make the line of sight clearer.


✔️Rain reflects on the ground


Secondly, the rain falling on the ground will also produce reflection, resulting in the driver can not see the lane clearly. Senior experts have mentioned that even if the ground marking is made of hot-melt reflective material, its reflected light will be covered after it is covered by rain and will not work.


✔️The polarizer has the function of filtering glare and stray light


In fact, the scattered light and reflected light encountered on rainy days belong to polarized light. According to scientific research, wearing polarizers can reduce the polarized light encountered by vehicles when driving in heavy rain. This principle is somewhat similar to a shutter, which can only let light in a certain polarization direction pass through. In other words, it can filter harmful light.